Plastic tanks repair wooden tanks, by inserting polytank into wood tank and retain look of wood with long term non maintenance of  polyethylene.

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Drinking Water Storage Tank Design Considerations, let us help you get it right the first time.  

 Polyethylene Tanks 35 to 20,000 gallons

Water Purification 101   

Edition #005    BY G. Vincent.

History:  Wooden Water Tower Builders


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Andy Rosenwach, owner of the Rosenwach Tank Company. In that analogy, his rival would be Isseks Brothers, founded in 1890. The Rosenwach company officially formed in 1896, when Andy’s ancestor Harris Rosenwach, a Polish immigrant, bought the business from the widow of his deceased boss, barrel maker William Dalton.

Indoor plumbing began replacing well-drawn water in the 1840s, and when a post-Civil War housing boom led to higher buildings, water towers became necessary to keep up the pressure. Approximately 10,000 currently dot the city’s skyline.

Wooden tanks look good but over time they degrade and begin to leak. Repairs to wooden tanks can be easily effected by inserting plastic poly-tanks into the existing wooden tank. 



The following link is an excellent article on the problems and effects of blue green algae on people, pets and livestock.

It is very important that you do what you can to limit or eliminate the consumption of algae. The following are a few suggestions.

Opaque Water Storage Tanks

Chemical Treatment of the Algae in your water supply.

Filtration, multi-stage with a final reverse osmosis ultra filter to create the optimum drinking water.

Ozone and UV add a further degree of treatment.

What are algae? origin and composition, see following link.

Again where ever possible, limit sunlight access to your drinking water after treatment.  

In closing this article it is ultimately your responsibility to obtain the best drinking water for your family.

It will be our pleasure to recommend additional information on these subjects.