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     Elliptical Horizontal Plastic Leg Tanks                

Plastic polyethylene vessels, Elliptical tank styles are designed to provide the greatest capacity with the lowest center of gravity, the best design available for large liquid transport. Elliptical tanks feature molded-in legs that act as "baffles" to reduce sloshing and provide increased stability during turns and stopping.

  • Water Transport and Delivery
  • Transporting Industrial and Municipal Water Effluents
  • Transporting fertilizers
  • Transporting Grape Juice to Wineries for Processing
  • Bio-diesel Feed Stocks and By Products


Elliptical Leg Tanks
Gallon CapacityWidthOverall HeightLengthFill OpeningOutlet/Drain SpecificationPremium Weight Part No. WhiteAvailPremium
Part No.
AvailHeavy Weight Part No. BlueAvailHeavy Weight Part No. BlackAvail
33548"33"71"16"2" C,E,L- NA-- 
53557"39"80"16"2" C,E,I,L- NA-- 
103579"54"89"16"2" B,C,F- NA-- 
123566"53"128"16"2" B- NA-- 
133566"55"126"16"2" B,C-  B,C- 
1600 Flat Bottom*80"53"126"16"2" B-  B- 
163571"58"142"16"2" B,C,D,E,F,L,T B,C,D,E,F,L,T B,C,D,E,F,L,TB,C,D,E,F,L,T
203584"56"142"16"2" B,C,D,E,F,L,T B,C,D,E,F,L,T  B,C,D,E,F,L,TB,C,D,E,F,L,T 
263590"72"140"16"3"/2" B,C,D,F,T  B,C,D,F,TB,C,D,F,L,T 
313588"80"150"16"3"/2" B,C,D,E,F,T  B,C,D,E,F,TB,C,D,E,F,L,T 
403592"75"192"16"**3"/2" B,C,L,T  B,C,L,TB,C,L,T 
*Bands not available for this tank - not required.

**16" hinged lid, Norwesco part number 62532.

Elliptical Leg Tanks, with the exception of the 1600 Flat Bottom, REQUIRE SUPPORT BANDS.


Availability Key: A=All; B=St.Bonifacius, MN; C=Lancaster, OH; D=Griffin, GA; E=Shawnee, OK; F=Tooele, UT; G=Owego, NY; H=Washougal, WA; I=Sheldon, IA; L=Hanford, CA; T=Fairfield, TX

Horizontal elliptical  tanks are rotationally molded one piece seamless vessels. Rotationally molded polyethylene resins are UV resistant, NSF and FDA approved for a variety of food grade and pharmaceutical applications. Colors include black for sunlight sensitive liquids and translucent white for visible indication of level against molded in indicators In gallons.

All Elliptical leg tanks require full length bottom support as well as support bands which form an external exoskeleton. Elliptical plastic tanks require fully support to the tank bottom.


Elliptical Leg Tank Bands

Norwesco bands are custom fabricated to support the Norwesco tanks and are galvanized for added corrosion protection. Whether using the tank in a      stationary position or for transport, bands are necessary to ensure that the tank retains its shape and integrity.

Elliptical Leg Tank Bands
Tank Size (Gallon)ABCColor of band footNo. of BandsPart No.Avail
33529"46 1/2"52 1/2"None-galvanized2 requiredC,E,L
53535"55 1/2"61 1/2"None-galvanized2 requiredC,E,I,L
103547 1/4"77"83"Yellow3 requiredB,C,F
123547 3/4"64 3/4"70 3/4"Dark Blue4 requiredB
133549 3/4"63 1/2"69 1/2"Blue3 requiredB,C
163551"68"74"Brown4 requiredB,C,D,E,F,L,T
203551 1/4"81 1/2"86 3/4"None-galvanized4 requiredB,E,T
203551 1/4"81 1/2"86 3/4"Gold4 requiredC,D,F,L
263565 1/4"87 1/2"94"None-galvanized4 requiredB,C,D,F,T
313575 1/4"85 1/2"92"Black4 requiredC,D
313574 1/4"85 1/2"92"Light Green4 requiredB,E,F,T
403570 1/4"89 1/2"96"Entire band powder coated black4 requiredB,C,L,T


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